Sigma sports Solutions is pleased to announce that along with the coaching staff of AFC Ajax of Amsterdam they will be hosting another visitor from the famed Ajax Academy. Young talent Dylan Nieuwenhuijs born in 1995 and a member of the Ajax 1994 squad group squad will be partaking in the 3rd Sigma -AFC Ajax of Amsterdam Academy Coaches ID Camp. According to Sigma Technical Director Bobby Smyrniotis, "The young soccer player is an exceptional talent for his age as is evident by playing in the 1994 age group. This may be something normal in North America but at an Academy such as Ajax this is a great accomplishment as a result of the numerous talents within the program." The addition of this player to the camp will provide an opportunity for our younger players to understand the requirements needed in training in order to reach their highest potential. AFC Ajax legend and current technical trainer at the youth Academy Simon Tahamata believes that, "this will be very good for Dylan as he will have the opportunity to train with many of the best players in the1995 age group within the Toronto area. I have worked with this group in the past in Toronto along with viewing their progression over their trip to Holland this past March. This is a very talented group at Sigma and Dylan will be able to learn from the boys as the boys will be able to learn from Dylan."

For the third year in a row will be hosting their European affiliates the Academy Coaches of AFC Ajax of Amsterdam over a three week period in from July 9 to July 27. With two weeks remaining until the camps begin Sigma management and players are looking forward to this third edition with increased anticipation. Bobby Smyrniotis believes that the proper foundation has been implemented in order to increase the talent pool of the camp. "Our training camps to be held in Mississauga will feature the best talent pool of players of all years past. Our coaching staff has done a great job at getting out to the soccer pitches over the past two months in order to add to the already existing Sigma ETC training squads". With over 100 players currently in the Sigma training pool and prepared to partake in the weekly camps, the coaching staff of AFC Ajax are eager to be back in Canada to evaluate the progress of many of these players who were fortunate to travel to Holland for a training camp and series of matches this past March. They will also be paying extra attention to those players who have recently completed successful trial periods at the club.

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