Team Profile

Established: 2008
Competition: OSL Provincial

The flagship team in the Sigma FC umbrella is a constantly changing mixture of old and new. The senior squad is the home for some of the club's most accomplished players, such as Kyle Bekker (Boston College) and Emery Welshman (Oregon State), when they return home from university.

However, the team is also the launching pad for the U18 players who are preparing to move into the university ranks.

This year's team will include graduating A1 players, many of whom are headed to soccer scholarships in the U.S. Players such as Manny Morgado (Pittsburgh), Jordan Hibbert (Adelphi), Remere Warner (Quinnipiac), Ryan Lyn (Dayton), Lucas Guerriero (Bryant) and Kristian Lee-Him (Appalachain State) to but a few.

Emery Welshman - Siena College / Oregon State
(MAAC Offensive player of the Year 2010)

Kyle Bekker - Boston College
U23 Canadian National Team

Manvir Brar - Simon Fraser U

According to head coach Bobby Smyrniotis, the addition of newer players to the Sigma FC training group makes for a lively, competitive environment for players searching for much sought after playing time.

"There's a balance on the team between the younger and the experienced players," said Smyrnotis. "What we've done, is we're bringing in all our U18, our A1s, together with 12 of our university guys. They are all between the ages of 19-21. Our oldest player on the men's team will be 22."

Mixing the old and new really helps our A1s, explained Smyrniotis. "Many of our players are preparing to go away to university, we have quite a few of them. Being next to the players already down there, the Bekkers, the Emerys, makes for a good competitive environment in training and in games."

Lucas Ferritto
Simon Fraser University

Nolan Holdridge
Cal State - Stanislaus

Jordan Stoddart

There is a roster of 24 players, he adds with a smile. "And only 18 dress for the games."

This competitive environment gets them ready for the next level, he explains. And it teaches the players what to expect when they leave for school, when the week of training often determines who players, and who doesn't.

Is that difficult on the players?

"We had that scenario last year. We had three guys per game that don't dress. That is the normal evolution of the game. The one thing we have to teach these guys is that they are going to go off to a level where this happens," Smyrniotis explains. "It is a natural process of the game, we have a rotation here at Sigma, but it is also performance based."

Once again, the Sigma senior men's team will rely on the strength of the club when players begin leaving for university.

"Once we hit mid-August, all our existing college players leave, then all our A1 players leave as well. The reinforcements come in from the U17s, the 1994s," he explains.

The Sigma Senior men play in the Ontario Soccer League Provincial division. A league Smyrniotis considers a tough loop.

The age range of players is about 24-30 years. "We are talking about good teams, good competition throughout, we are looking forward to the challenge," he said.

"Older players are wise, clever on the field, some players could pick a team apart with one or two passes if you are not expecting it," said Smyrniotis.

"We have to work hard at keeping our possession, using our speed to our advantage and being very good in our decision making on the field."

Lucas Guerriero
Bryant University

Jordan Hibbert
Adelphi University

Kristian Lee-Him
Appalachian State U.


Position Name University/ Pro experience Previous Club '10
GK Gregory Ranjitsingh NA SIGMA A1
GK Justin Faiola Western SIGMA FC
D Arvin Zarkari NA SIGMA A1
D Manjrekar James Garden City CC SIGMA A1
D Jordan Hibbert Adelphi University SIGMA A1
D Julien Perruzza NA SIGMA A1
D Aaron Furtado NA SIGMA A1
D Nik Giannotta Hibernian U19 SIGMA FC
D Nick Baisden Monroe CC SIGMA FC
D Eric Leal Groningen U18 SIGMA FC
D Nolan Holdridge Cal State - Stanislaus SIGMA FC
M Manny Morgado Univ. of Pittsburgh SIGMA A1
M Remere Warner Quinnipiac University SIGMA FC
M Nathanial Morris NA SIGMA A1
M Kristian Lee-Him Appalachian St. University SIGMA A1
M Ian Nanco NA SIGMA A1
M Kyle Bekker Boston College SIGMA FC
M Manvir Brar Simon Fraser U SIGMA FC
F Johnny Grant Garden City CC SIGMA A1
F Jordan Stoddart Bridgton Academy SIGMA FC
F Jordan Lynch NA SIGMA A1
F Lucas Ferritto Simon Fraser U SIGMA FC
F Ryan Lyn University of Dayton SIGMA A1
F Emery Welshman Oregon State University SIGMA FC
F Lucas Guerriero Bryant University SIGMA A1
F Michael Campea Queens University SIGMA A1
F Jarrett Hamilton Oral Roberts University SIGMA FC

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Bobby Smyrniotis
Asst. Coach: David Zonneveld
Asst. Coach: Philip Opassinis
GK Coach: Kevin Muldoon
Head Physio: Vince Aggostino

Remere Warner
Quinnipiac University

Ryan Lyn
University of Dayton

Manny Morgado
University of Pittsburgh

Michael Campea
Queens University