Team Profile

SIGMA FC - D2 (2000)
Established: 2011
Competition: Junior Develepment A
Coach: David Zonneveld

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The SIGMA FC training cycle ends every summer with the Graduation Class of SIGMA players who move on to further their education and soccer at university or college. This means that a new crop of players are ready to enter the process.

The D2 (2000) squad embark on the journey officially this spring and summer, even though the group has been training and refining their game together as part of the ETC (Elite Training Centre) for the past two winters.

Despite their young age, this group has had a lot of preparation, which included a training program in Holland last year. A combined group of 2001 and 2000 players were identified as future SIGMA full-time members and trained and played matches over a 10-day period in March.

According to coach David Zonneveld, this opportunity allowed the players to truly see the game at the next level and understand what it takes to be a true athlete. "They experienced a higher speed of play, physicality and a culture that we, regrettably said, lack in local environments in Canada," said Zonneveld.


The Sigma FC - D2 team will play up one year in the SAAC U13 division for 2012. In the Fall of 2011, they participated in the SAAC fall Challenge and won the championship as their first team experience!


"Preparation, hard work and constant evaluation can only make for a better future for our membership and we at Sigma take that very seriously as to permit our players to obtain their personal best! For those that have worked hard and earned a position on the new roster, congratulations and we look forward to your progress and development over the next several years until you possibly complete the cycle one more time with your departure to a University!." - David Zonneveld