Team Profile

SIGMA FC - D1 (1999)
Established: 2010
Competition: SAAC Junior Showcase
Coach: Phil Opassinis

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The D1 team came together at the end of summer of 2010 (August) after a great showing of talent at our Sigma International ID Camp in July. The team formed as SIGMA’s D2 for the fall of 2011and competed in the SAAC U13 Division. The team showed great promise from the beginning. The team won the fall SAAC Challenge Cup.

Working under Coach David Zonneveld in their first year, the 99s played an attractive attacking style of soccer. The focus of their training year was centered on technical aspects and their relation to each and every position on the field and the relationship to the game in 1v1 and small group scenarios. This past winter, the team travelled to the SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio for a series against top U.S. academy teams.

This season, under the guidance of Coach Phil Opassinis, the D1s move to league play on a full-sized field and will continue to develop the technical aspects of the game and their application to the field while beginning to enhance their knowledge of SIGMA’s simple group tactics and philosophy. The team was provided a great head start to this season with a 12-day pre-season camp in Europe where they faced top club teams from Holland (AZ Alkmaar, PSV, Sparta Rotterdam), Belgium (Club Brugge) and Germany (FC Koln).


The SIGMA D1 have started play in the SAAC Junior Showcase in fine fashion, winning their first three games. In the league, SIGMA D1 will play teams one year older. Some of the teams include Bryst FA, Masters FA, RVDL Lions and Power FC to name a few.


"Playing in Europe was a great learning experience,” said head coach Phil Opassinis. “Playing top youth clubs in Europe taught the boys to understand how quick, tactical, and physical the game can be at the top level. The boys learned more in those matches then you can simulate in training. The goal for this season is for all players to to progress development as individuals and to understand and implement the SIGMA philosophy of playing football."


Position Name Previous Club '10
GK Kyle Bimek
D Damen Gill
D Edwin Blanco
D Klaidi Cela
D Nicholas Mercieca
D Faisal Ghaffur
D Brian Correa
D Malcolm Duncan
M Mohamed Omar
M Adrian Bojaca-Tolentino
M Evan Dick
M Sean Merrick
M Arthur Tyskiewicz
F Abdul Musah
F Dylan Gagne
F Luca Kulenovic
F Michael Tzemis