Team Profile

SIGMA FC - C2 (1998)
Established: 2011
Competition: SAAC Intermediate Showcase
Coach: David Zonneveld

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The C2 1998 team is a new addition for the 2012 SAAC season. The addition means that SIGMA now has a full complement of 8 teams at every age from U12 to senior men. The core of the team has been selected from the Elite Training Centre ranks with additions added from open trials.


The C2s will play up one year in the SAAC U15 division for 2012. This is consistent with other SIGMA teams that compete against higher level competition as part of their development plan.


"To date, their exhibition game play has been very good when considering the boys have only been in a skills training environment together. The season will be along one for the boys and they will have a great deal to learn about the style, philosophy and culture of being a member of SIGMA FC. The hard work they put on the field now will begin to show dividends in their development over the course of the year" - David Zonneveld


Position Name
GK Dimitri Dimakis
GK Tobias Duerr
D Tyler Treavajo
D Reggie Laryea
D Mark Perez
D Daniel Oginny
M Justin Holness
M Joshua Nunez
M Ismael Mourad
M Brian Veloso
M Noah Antunucci
F Peter Mazur
F Camarri Johnson
F Ahmed Nur
F Joaqin Torres