Team Profile

SIGMA FC - B2 (1996)
Established: 2009
Competition: Ontario Soccer League U21 Regional
Coach: Phillip Opassinis

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The B2 (1996) squad has been making steady gains since starting out as a small training group as part of SIGMA's Elite Training Centre. Each year sees the team making greater strides. This past year, the team saw their performance on the field reach new heights with their SAAC senior league championship.

Over the past the past two seasons, the 1996s were coached by David Zonneveld. This season, Phillip Opassinis takes over as head coach.


Last season, the 1996s won the SAAC senior league playing against players 1-2 years older. They will continue this approach when they move into the Ontario Soccer League under-21 regional league where they will face players 4-5 years older. Coach Opassinis says that the players will learn to rely on a team approach, to overcome the physical matchups, " They will learn to take their lumps and grow into young men while utilizing their individual technical ability to play their way through situations. This is what is important for this season, not our record".

The 1996s will join older Sigma teams at two important showcase tournaments this season - the Addidas Potomac Memorial Showcase in Maryland in May, and the Score Showcase in Greensboro, North Carolina in July.


"The 96 team will have a great challenge and will learn a lot from playing in the OSL U21 League this year. They will have to keep the game simple and quick and show their intelligence on the pitch. The team's goal is to play the SIGMA style of football no matter who the competition is, and gain experience playing against older competition.


Position Name
GK Daniel Gosciniak
GK Anthony Whyte
D Adam Tyszkiewicz
D Amar Mann
D Daniel Wrona
D Kris Garcia
D Tristan Fairclough
D/M Josip Granic
M Adrian Pazdzior
M Brett Landles
M Gianlucas Perez
M Darcy Bloemen
M/F Arlick Ntabana
F Elijah Larin
F Marcus Burton