Team Profile

SIGMA FC - B1 (1994)
Established: 2007
Competition: OSL U21 - Provincial

The core group of the 1994 B1 squad is one of the longest-serving Sigma teams. The team has been together for approximately five years and became full-time Sigma FC team in 2009. The B1 squad leads by example and are a very hard working group. Their dedication to training has resulted in steady progress from year to year. Individually, their technical skills have progressed tremendously. Collectively, their tactical awareness and their speed of play are their most noticeable attributes.

According to coach David Zonneveld, the B1 squad plays with a special quality. Their teamwork brings out a special flair in games that stands as an example for all Sigma teams to follow.


Zonneveld expects strong results for the B1 team this year. The players, he says, have matured a great deal and grown individually over the last few years. The team made some key additions to the team that will bolster the roster in 2011. The added depth will allow the squad to gain some good results moving forward.


The B1 team will play in the Ontario Soccer League U21 Provincial division this summer. Playing up will not be new for the boys as they played U17 two years running in the SAAC league as U15 and U16 side. Despite their two-year age difference, the team showed well in the standings in U15, and went on to place second in league with a Cup championship in the next year.


In combination with some key additions to the roster for 2011, I feel that the team will bring more depth to the field which will allow them to gain the results moving forward."

Position Name Previous Club '10
GK Agim Sherifi SIGMA B2
D Daniel Whyte SIGMA B2
D Reon Treavajo SIGMA B2
D Luca Cimineli SIGMA B2
D Domenic Samuel SIGMA B2
D Quinn Hassenbacher SIGMA B2
D Ryan Ramdial SIGMA B2
M Irvin Mai SIGMA B2
M Juan Bernal SIGMA B2
M Tomas Giannotta SIGMA B2
M Mark Anthony Gonzalez Brampton East
M Bryan Moreira Portugal
F Nathanial Allicock SIGMA B2
F Chris Tuszynski SIGMA B2
F Misha Mulalu SIGMA B2
F Mathew Guerriero SIGMA B2
F Caylan Ambursely SIGMA B2

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: John Zervos
Asst. Coach: David Zonneveld
GK Coach: Makis Papadopoulos
Head Physio: Vince Aggostino