Team Profile

SIGMA FC - A1 (1994)
Established: 2007
Competition: OSL Provincial East


The core group of the 1994 A1 squad is one of the longest-serving Sigma teams. The team is entering its seventh year together and became a full-time Sigma FC team in 2009. The A1 squad leads by example and is a very hard working group. Their dedication to training has resulted in steady progress from year to year. Individually, their technical skills have progressed tremendously. Collectively, their tactical awareness and their speed of play are their most noticeable attributes.

This year, Bobby Smyrniotis says their biggest difference in this team is an increased ability to understand the tactical aspects of the game and the various tactical changes that occur within a game. The A1s physical nature has become much better as they mature, and that has helped them take their game to the next level in terms of speed, strength and maturity.


The A1s are in the final stages (month) of high school in varied states of preparedness for their next challenges. With some players already committed to post-secondary education and soccer, the role of the coaching staff is to make sure those players have everything in order as they prepare for the fall. Meanwhile, a lot of work is going on in the background to make sure that the players that are on the verge of committing to schools are meeting their obligations as well. "The guys who are still remaining, we are working hard on the phones in order to get them opportunities. It is a very unique group," said Bobby Smyrniotis. "When you have had a group like this that has been together for so long, the one thing you want to see is them moving on to a good program" he added.


The A1s will play in the OSL U21 Provincial East division and will provide valuable support to the Sigma FC team in the OSL Men's Elite division


"It becomes be very competitive when you get to 18 years old. As a player, you are either committed or you are not. It is a tough age to keep guys committed, but we have done a good job, and they have done a good job, of staying committed to the task. Beyond everything else of where they end up from here, they really enjoy being here. And you see that, they are the first at training, and in some places, you don't see that."


Position Name
GK Agim Sherifi
D Daniel Whyte
D Reon Treavajo
D Quinn Hasenbacher
D Luca Ciminelli
D Ryan Ramdial
D Aaron Furtado
D/M Domenic Samuel
M Irvin Mai
M Tomas Giannotta
M Juan Bernal
M Mark Anthony Gonzalez
M Jonathan Agostino
M/F Johnny Grant
F Nathanial Allicock
F Matt Guerriero
F Alex Halis
F Jordan Lynch