Sigma Sports Solutions Management Group is proud to announce that two of their ETC Program players were provided a week long training period with their respective age groups at AFC AJAX's famed youth academy. The two players; Daniel Correa (1995) and Kyle Bekker (1990) were provided this great opportunity thanks to the positive impression they made on the AJAX technical team over the last couple of years of interaction with them. This includes the player's participation in the Sigma AJAX Academy Coaches ID Camp, held every summer in Toronto, Canada and most recently as part of their respective Sigma ETC squads' tour of Holland this past March 2007.

Sigma ETC player Kyle Bekker, a hard working creative midfielder was provided the opportunity after his impressive display in this past summer's AJAX Academy Coaches ID Camp. This in addition to his play while in Holland and in particular Sigma's impressive 3-1 victory over Ajax earned him a well deserved opportunity at a one week trial with the club.

Kyle's week of training included sessions with both the 90's and 88's of the club. Kyle had a great week of training at the club ending with his successful participation in a friendly match with the 90's where he scored two goals and had two assists in the full 90 minutes of play. All Ajax coaches involved in training these two squads were thoroughly impressed with Kyle's cool composure and ability to create and score out of the midfield. Kyle will return to Amsterdam in May to finish the season training with Ajax.

As the captain of the Sigma 95 squad, Daniel Correa had an outstanding 8 matches in Holland prior to his training period at Ajax. His ability to dominate opponents in midfield both from an offensive and defensive standpoint made him difficult to handle in all matches.

Daniel's time at AJAX included daily on-field sessions and small sided games under coach Wilco van Buuren. Specialized technical training from one of the all time greats of Dutch football, Simon Tahamata was integrated into the middle of each training session, teaching the young athletes the importance of becoming technically superior. Also as a special component Daniel's training at Ajax included unique methods implemented at the club for their younger athletes. Sessions in judo and gymnastics provide a fun yet important motor development module. This was added to the Ajax curriculum due to the lack of general play children engage in on the streets and parks; a common concern in most of the western world as well.

When all was said and done at the end of the week all trainers involved were pleased with Daniel's performance and look forward to his progress over the next few months. In July coaches van Buuren and Tahamata will be visiting Toronto, Canada for the third year in a row and will have the opportunity to check up on Daniel along with all other Sigma players who left a very positive impression on the coaching staff this March in Holland.

Sigma Sports would like to congratulate Kyle, Daniel and all their teammates for their successful and impressive play on their tour of Holland and look forward to making the dreams of young athletes become reality through training periods with European affiliate clubs.

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