Sigma Sports Solutions is happy to announce the launch of its year round Player Development Division which will service all levels of the sport from a technical perspective. This division will provide numerous programs at different levels and ages while focusing on specific goals all along the player development continuum.

At the grassroots level, Sigma will be within the communities in order to provide a fun and educational atmosphere to groom future soccer players of the region. The Elite Training Centers will focus on skilled players between the ages of 9-17 who will be selected to partake in training from the management, coaching staff and scouts of Sigma Sports. The focus will be to train the players under the model of development which identifies Sigma Sports European development background along with providing the participant groups the opportunity to partake in various tours in North America and Europe which serve to expand their education and exposure in the sport.

Team Training services will provide clubs and individual teams the opportunity to instill the Sigma vision within their own squads for the benefit of the entire group. Whether over a series of training sessions or a full season of support from our vastly qualified coaches and technical director the custom planned training modules will guide the squads proper development based on age, skill and goal attainment.

The AJAX of Amsterdam Academy Coaches Soccer Camps will provide participants in our programs the opportunity to experience instruction from the worlds leading youth academy and showcase talent to our European affiliates on a yearly basis.

Our vision via the soccer division is to provide a new means of training and goal setting for players and families alike who can become part of an educational process in sport which will focus on creating more intelligent and skilful players both on the field and in their every day life.

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