Team Profile

Sigma FC
Established: 2007

Background: The SIGMA FC men's squad provides a key role in the ongoing development of Sigma's graduating players.

Kyle Bekker - Boston College (All ACC Rookie team)

The team took shape 3 years ago as a training group and worked together over a period of two years before 12 players would move on to play at the collegiate and professional level of the game. This group of players who are predominantly born between 1990 and 1991 includes, Jerome Baker (Energie Cottbus, Germany), Kyle Bekker (Boston College), and Emery Welshman (SIENA College).

Even though soccer has taken these players to various part of North America they will all converge back to SIGMA this summer and assemble to form the SIGMA FC roster for the 2010 OSL (Ontario Soccer League) season. The coach and mentor to all these boys over the years has been SIGMA FC Technical Director, Bobby Smyrniotis. Over the years he has devoted a great deal of time to the development of many of these players and continues to do so today. Smyrniotis believes that it is quite important to have this team at the pinnacle of the SIGMA development structure, "The roster is filled with players that have gone on to play at the college level and when they come home, they need a place to refine their skills, stay sharp and train in a positive environment where they are comfortable and where they can maintain their fitness. This is exactly what this squad provides. At SIGMA this team is important to ensure a proper structure- like at any professional club. Our focus is on youth development and producing players but at the same time we must provide a place for our players beyond youth soccer and this team fulfills this ".

Jerome Baker - Energie Cottbus

Kyle Bekker - Boston College

Sigma Technical Director Bobby Smyrniotis remains in contact with the university coaches of SIGMA FC graduates, so when the players return home, he can play an active role in their continued development and success. "All these players want to be prepared for the next season. All these players have a taste of what it's like at the next level," said Smyrniotis. "We try to make sure that they will be able to go back in mid August to their training camps in the right state of mind."

At the same time, these players play an important mentoring role with the younger SIGMA FC players. "They're training at the same time as the younger groups, and it provides the younger players with something good to see. They definitely look up to their older colleagues and better understand what it takes to succeed in the game," said Smyrniotis.

The team is rounded out by players preparing to go into their first year of University come this August along with a few experienced players who have played at the collegiate level and have spent time with European clubs at the youth level in the past. "Our team is not only about having a group of College players coming together. This is a place for 18-21 year olds who want to train at the top level to keep up their play as we look to provide them professional opportunities in North America and abroad.

Manvir Brar - SFU

Jarrett Hamilton - ORU

Lucas Ferritto - SFU

Outlook: TThis team has as a primary goal to prepare players for their collegiate season and professional aspirations. Beyond that this is the one team in the SIGMA FC structure where the results count. According to Bobby Smyrniotis the winning and competitive edge must be in the players at this stage of the game and they must be able to show that in training and match play. "With this team we play to win, but we do so always playing a brand of soccer that is accustomed to SIGMA and the philosophy of the organization. It is a challenging league for our group as we have the ability to start strong but will lose many players by the middle of August. Last season we were 13-0-1 to start the season. We will look to keep this same stability in our play and look to improve on our final placing of 3rd from last season. If the players work hard and are focused our group will have the ability to be successful in 2010! We are returning 80% of our players from last season and have added a few younger players in the rotation from our A1 squad. This combination is the best for everyone's development and the competitiveness required in training and match play".

Emery Welshman - SIENA

Nolan Holdridge - CSUS

Jordan Stoddart

Competition The SIGMA FC Squad will be playing in the OSL Regional East division for a second year in a row. The season opener is set for Wednesday May 19th, 9:00pm at the Soccer Center in Vaughan. All home games for the SIGMA FC squad will be played at the Soccer Center on Wednesday evenings. To that end, Sigma has organized something new this season to encourage a greater bond between itís youth teams and the senior squad. Every second Wednesday evening, all SIGMA FC training (youth) will be held at the Soccer Centre, and following training, there will be a 9 p.m. home game for the Sigma FC men's team.

"The kids can finish training and come back and watch the seniors in action. One venue for all the SIGMA teams." This will allow not only the players, but the parents, to see the top of the development path within SIGMA FC, explained Smyrniotis.

We are looking forward to showcasing the senior team to the whole SIGMA family this summer and providing our younger players an opportunity to look up to our successful SIGMA graduates."


Pos Name University/Pro experience Previous Club Ď09
GK Justin Faiola UWO SIGMA FC
GK Kostas Floros Marshal U '08 SIGMA FC
D Eric Leal FC Groningen '08 SIGMA FC
D Nick Baisden FC Jaro, Benfica (youth) SIGMA FC
D Nik Giannotta Hibernian U19 SIGMA FC
D John Louis Perruzza York University SIGMA FC
D Nolan Holdridge Cal State Stanislaus SIGMA FC
M Manvir Brar Simon Fraser U SIGMA FC
M Leo Muja German Regionaliga SIGMA FC
M Kyle Bekker Boston College SIGMA FC
M Remere Warner NA - Senior SIGMA FC
M Ian Nanco NA - Junior Brampton
F Emery Welshman SIENA College SIGMA FC
F Jordan Stoddart NA - Junior SIGMA A1
F Lucas Ferritto Simon Fraser U SIGMA FC
F Jordan Payne U of California - Bakersfield SIGMA FC
F Jarrett Hamilton Oral Roberts University SIGMA FC
F David Cobby NA Dixie SC

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Bobby Smyrniotis
Asst Coach: David Zonneveld
Asst Coach: Phillip Opassinis
GK Coach: Kevin Muldoon
Head Physio: Vince Aggostino