With the Christmas holidays a memory and 2010 a reality, the 5 SIGMA (1997 to 1992 born) squads prepare to take the field for the winter segment of the training season at Rink City in Mississauga. The teams will be coming off a well deserved 3 week rejuvenation period. The winter training segment which focuses on the explosive aspects of the game along with individual and group tactics is an important period of the season where the player and team focus switches from big field tactics to refining and acquiring skill and technique in small tight situations.

Each team will also be taking part in various leagues and tournaments over this time period in order to supplement training with a minimal match schedule. According to Bobby Smyrniotis (Technical Director) the winter months are of great importance to the player from an individual aspect of acquiring and refining individual skill, technique, speed of play and decision making. Smyrniotis comments, "This period of training has traditionally been very enjoyable for all our players as the shift from big field tactics to small games and technical training occurs. The tempo is high throughout the sessions and the demands are high on each player to individually train at their max. We are very happy to have added our two new squads this season to existing FC Teams and look forward to their further development. As SIGMA, we have been able to attract many of the regions' top players at each age group. This along with a high standard of coaching, top training facilities and the desire of our players to learn and reach their goals is what simply allows a young individual to develop and become a better player."

SIGMA FC is home to elite players from southern Ontario who have been selected over the years from a combination of scouting, participation in the elite International SIGMA summer camps and trial periods. All members of SIGMA FC are highly dedicated and driven to maximize their potential both on and off the field in an attempt to follow the footsteps of previous SIGMA players, now playing in Europe, or studying as student-athletes in the US and Canadian University system.