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Sigma C2 (1996)
Established: 2009

Background: After a year of training together with a small core group, Sigma FC expanded the C2 roster and have embarked on an overhaul of the 1996 team within Sigma. As a relatively new group, Sigma coaches will spend the year getting the players accustomed to the club's training philosophy. To that end, the Sigma C2 squad had a very successful winter training and the group has seen tremendous improvement at the individual and team levels.

"As a new group, not familiar with our training philosophy, the goal of this team, over winter was to instill the simple aspects of the game, get comfortable on the ball make proper decisions, followed by proper movement on the field," explained Sigma Technical Director Bobby Smyrniotis.

Outlook: Much of the team's success will rest with the group's ability to learn Sigma FC's 4-3-3 formation. To Smyrniotis, this is key. "They have to learn what the formation requires from attacking and defensive aspects," he said.

Smyrniotis' expectations for the C2 squad are much similar to the D1's objectives. "We want them to get through this year, understanding how to play the game collectively, this will be achieved as the players understand their individual and group responsibilities on the field. From a Technical aspect they will need to increase the speed of play by focusing on passing and receiving along with a focus on position play in training.

Competition: With new teams Smyrniotis cautioned, you can't just look at the wins and losses the team will record playing against older competition in the SAAC Academy League this year. It is more important, he added, that this group focuses on how it plays the game and learns from each outing.

"You don't measure from the results, rather by how they are going to play. If they get consistently better week in and week out, then the season will be a huge success, let's remember that our goal is to create better players and not necessarily better teams" he said.

Sigma coaches will be watching for the improvement and how well the players follow the coaches' instructions. Specifically, Smyrniotis said it will come down to how well players focus on their positional responsibilities, the proper rotation and their movements on the field.

"If we are constantly seeing that, we know that development is occurring. This is a talented group. They are playing good soccer. It will be interesting to see how they do playing more established teams."

Quote: "This is a talented group. They are playing good soccer. It will be interesting to see how they do playing more established teams."

SIGMA C2 (1996)

  • Anthony Whyte
  • Daniel Gosciniak
  • Lucas Caravaggio
  • Inder Sharma
  • Tristan Fairclough
  • Josip Granic
  • Adam Tyskiewicz
  • Eric Serafino
  • Andrew Watson
  • Arlick Ntbana
  • Adrian Pazdior
  • Elijah Larin
  • Tyris Jordan
  • Curtis Apeah
  • Lucas Avramidopoulos
  • Marcus Stewart - Burton