Team Profile

Sigma C1 (1995)
Established: 2006

Background: The Sigma C1 (1995) squad is one of the more established teams playing under the Sigma banner. The C1 team consists of several players that were part of Sigma's first training group that travelled to Spain and Holland as U11s in 2006. The team added to its core group the following year and the team has remained together adding several strong players over the past two years.

"This is a group that has been together for 4 years, some even longer," said Sigma Technical Director Bobby Smyrniotis. "With this group, the expectation is always high. They have had the development, most, since 11 years of age."

Outlook: The C1s competed in the SAAC league for the first time last season and won the league title playing teams one and two years older. This season, Smyrniotis said, the boys will focus on developing more complex tactical aspects of the game.

"Technically, it is a strong group that knows how to play the game well, said Smyrniotis. "What they need to do is be more consistent, have the drive needed to succeed in every game. We learned last year, playing against older groups, we have to be more physical by working harder for every available ball."

Competition: This season, the team focus on handling different situations within the game. Scouting and developing group tactics will take more importance this season. "We will be providing the boys information on our opponents, and we will talk more with them about what our opponents can do, and where we can benefit from their disadvantages and prepare for where their advantages are," said Smyrniotis.

"We want them to be aware of the situation on the field, not just looking at an opposition's strong points and playing towards that. But more looking at what deficiencies they may have, so that we can concentrate our game on certain parts of the field."

As the boys' long-term soccer plans take shape, this type of preparation will become more important, Smyrniotis said. In the college game, "we know that video and scouting is half the battle."

Playing against older competition again this year in the SAAC league, the C1's will face many challenges, said Symriontis. "Last year we won the league and we were one year younger, sometimes two than most of the teams. This year we are going into a league where we will be two years younger than most of the teams. If the boys focus well, they will be successful from a playing perspective and results may come. The challenge will be to perform each week based on the tactical aspects of the game. They will have the opportunity to learn more about situational tactics and training which will definitely increase their thought process on the field and make all the players that much more clever in the long run."

Quote: "We are asking more out of them, not so much technically, but mentally on the field."

SIGMA C1 (1995)

  • Kenneth Viegas
  • David Igreja
  • Elliot Spicer
  • Jaime Garcia
  • Neil Tandon
  • Aidan Nagy
  • Jamal Joseph
  • Daniel Correa
  • Christian Samaniego
  • Richmond Laryea
  • Orestis Ilias
  • Tim Mahabir
  • Justin Stoddart
  • Cyle Larin
  • Ty Smith
  • Alex Cholewinski
  • Chris Nanco
  • RJ Clarke