When Sigma FC announced last year that the academy's 1995 B2 squad was playing in the Ontario Soccer League Under-21 division, there were some that second-guessed the move.

Concerns were that the team was too small or too inexperienced to play men aged 19-21. The team was eliminated in the League Cup competition in their first game of the season and it seemed that perhaps there was some truth to that thought.

But a funny thing happened over the course of the summer.

In the end, it would be one of only two losses the team suffered all season in Under-21 play en route to being named champions of the OSL Central Region Under-21 Division.

Sigma finished the season with a 14-3-1 record, which tied Unionville U21 who finished with the same record. Sigma got the nod on the basis of a better goal-differential and greater number of goals. Sigma notched 78 goals over 18 games, allowing only 24.

It was satisfying season for team head coach Bobby Smyrniotis, who wanted to see his team challenged physically and mentally this past season.

"This season was a very positive one for our team and boys. Playing in a U21 league was a perfect next step in the development of the players," he said. "The opposition was predominantly players between 19-21 years of age which provided us the competitive aspect much different than years past.

"Our high possession style of soccer was put to the test with physically more dominant players. Our players throughout the season had to learn to make quicker decisions and understood how to handle various situations involved in a game."

"I am very proud of the boys not only for their accomplishment in winning the league but for their maturity as players on the field," he added.

Kenneth Viegas - SIGMA B2

SIGMA B2 in North Carolina

In addition to winning the league title, Sigma B2 performed well in reaching the final of the Score Showcase in July in Greensboro, North Carolina, where they impressed many of the college coaches in attendance.

The coming year will be a very important one for the players, many of which are already looking towards university opportunities.

"We look forward to our fall schedule of friendly matches and scouting weekends with a wide array of college coaches making recruiting trips to our sessions and matches," added Smyrniotis. "Their performance over the past year has set up our boys well as they go into an important scouting year."

Ty Smith - Sigma B2

Daniel Correa - Sigma B2

Orestis Ilias - Sigma B2