Team Profile

Sigma A1 (1992-93)
Established: 2008

Background: The SIGMA A1 squad started out as a training group in the fall of 2008 slowly emerging into a well built group of players with great drive and ambition. In September of 2008 they were formally introduced as a member of SIGMA FC. The team is a mix of players born in 1992 & 1993 (predominantly 1993) and has shown great strides in their play over the past year and a half. In 2009 this team was crowned SAAC Senior Showcase league Champion exemplifying an attractive and up tempo brand of soccer.

Outlook: The job for Sigma coaches working with the A1 squad this winter has been all about making the players smarter, tactically, on the field.

"At this stage, we can't give them much more [technically]," said Smyrniotis. "It's all about teaching them how to get away from the opponent, defend better, keep that solid striker from the other team away from the goal, teaching the special tricks of the game."

Smyrniotis likes the determined nature of the A1 squad. They are a vocal group on the field when they play, he says, and have developed in to a solid, cohesive unit.

Thanks to the recent success of SIGMA graduates at the university level, the Sigma A1 squad has been well-scouted by visiting university coaches.

According to Smyrniotis, as many as 12 college coaches have come to watch the boys train since Sept. 10. As well, there have been two scouting weekends, and several trips to schools.

"We've had 12 coaches up specifically to watch them," he said. "Getting that exposure locally, without having to travel is important. That has been carved out because of our older group, and the reputation they have established."

Competition: The Sigma A1 squad will play in the Ontario Soccer League U21 division. The league will provide the U18 players with some good challenges. However, Smyrniotis believes that this is what the players will need before they take their game to the next level.

"This is a good league structure for these players," he said, referring to the fact that the league games will end in early August to allow players to prepare for the return to school. For the few 1992, this means leaving home for university. "The guys will be able to refine their game tactically in a league such as the OSL U21. We will be able to push tactics to a new level and this will only work to enhance our players understanding of situations in the game"

With the U21 league finishing up in August the core of the U21 team (15 players born in 1993) will be pressed into service later in the summer to fill out the roster for the SIGMA FC senior men's squad, that will lose several players when they return to universities in the States or Canada.

"That will be a huge challenge for them. At the same time it is an excellent setup for our academy and club. Our Men's team features our established University players who will return to school in the first weeks of August. Having the younger guys push up to take their spots is great for their development and growth as player." said Smyrniotis.

Quote: "We've had 12 coaches up specifically to watch them. Getting that exposure locally, without having to travel is important."

SIGMA A1 (1992/93)

  • Nick O'Donnell
  • Sal Meleca
  • Fernando Garcia
  • Aaron Furtado
  • Julien Perruzza
  • Marcus Malcolm
  • Ason Henry
  • Manny Morgado
  • Remere Warner
  • Kristian Lee Him
  • Nathanial Morris
  • Brandon Chetram
  • Ian Nanco
  • Michael Campea
  • Jordan Stoddart
  • Jordan Lynch
  • Ryan Lynn
  • Johnny Grant
  • Sebastian Novais
  • Lucas Guerriero