Throughout the month of February, four SIGMA FC teams had the opportunity to travel to nearby Elma New York, to take part in a series of matches at Sahlen Sports Park. The facility provided the SIGMA players an opportunity to play 11v11 matches over a full day of action. In a period of the year where small sided indoor soccer prevails the opportunity to play in the real settings of a full sized pitch proved quite valuable for the squads.

"The facility and concept of these one day mini tournaments is great for soccer and great for our SIGMA FC teams, commented SIGMA Technical Coordinator Dave Zonneveld. "We have the opportunity to work on various aspects of the game in its true fashion. There is no replacement for playing on a large pitch and implementing the aspects of the game the players are being taught on a regular basis in training."

Participating in these events provides the SIGMA group an opportunity to meet various levels of competition from the western New York area. Quality teams such as the Rochester Rhinos and Empire Academy have been opponents for the SIGMA teams on each of their trips providing a different type of football with high quality in the matches.

SIGMA Technical Director Bobby Smyrniotis further comments "To date our U-12, U14, U15 and U16 teams have made the trip, some on numerous occasions, and it has been a great success from the point of our technical department. We have been able to see what is working well and what our groups must work on to further their development as a group and individuals. We are playing games where we are dominating and others where the competition is fantastic. In the end of the day this is all you can ask for as coach. For us the day events are an opportunity to try different things and evaluate and not about the end score. In the end we all want to win and that is why we play the game. Of importance at SIGMA and to our players is to learn the proper way of winning and adhering to the instructions and responsibilities set on each player, line and group as a whole. In the end this is success".

In all the trips to Sahlen over the month of February the SIGMA FC teams were able to impress versus American and Canadian competition with a combined record of 9 wins 1 loss and 2 ties. The trips will continue in the month of March with the C1 (U15) and C2 (U14) squads visiting the facility once more in preparation for the upcoming outdoor season.

SIGMA FC is the pinnacle of the SIGMA development process and provides players a year round professional training and competitive environment exposing players to best of training methods and competition. Players interested in SIGMA FC should contact the club at or the office @ 416-616-5864.