Name: Ryan Lyn

Ryan simply has an ability to score goals in all fashions. He is a player who knows how to turn half a chance into a goal while beating defenders, on the run, in the air or just being at the right place at the right time. He is a hard working player who presses defenders constantly and makes their job difficult.


  • OSL U21 League MVP
  • OSL U21 League Champion - 2010
  • Scored total of 43 goals in 2010 season
  • SAAC Senior Showcase League Champion - 2009

Coach Smyrniotis:
"Ryan came to our program in 2008 and since his first day he has constantly become better and better. His devotion to training and understanding his position as a striker led him to become a top striker in his age group and beyond in the province. His breakout season with 43 goals in all competitions in 2010 is indicative of his work. Under the guidance of Coach Dennis Currier at Dayton, I believe he will have the opportunity to keep on developing and continue his tradition of filling the opponents goal with his strikes. Congratulations to Ryan and his family and all of us here look forward to his collegiate success".

In his own words:
"I will be attending the University of Dayton, in Ohio. I plan to study Exercise Science and Pre-physical Therapy at UD.

University of Dayton was my No.1 choice. Everything about the school made me want to attend. The location, being in a small city; the size, not too big, and not too small; the soccer, very competitive program with great success in the past years; and the campus, which had an amazing feel to it when I went down for a visit.

The Dayton Flyers play in the Atlantic-10 Conference, under Head Coach Dennis Currier, the Flyers have won two Conference Championships and appeared in the NCAA Tournament in 2008. I hope to continue to improve upon the things I have learned in my 3 years at Sigma FC, under the guidance of Coach Bobby and bring them with me to Dayton. The soccer program at UD is very competitive,

Last year they brought in 14 freshmen and this year I am one of six new recruits; we will be a very youthful team when the 2011 season opens. I know it will be very competitive, but I am ready to fight for a spot in the starting 11.

Being a member of Sigma FC has allowed me to improve upon my skills as a soccer player, but more importantly it has shown me what can be achieved through hard work, dedication and commitment. I look forward to continuing my association with Coach Bobby and all the staff at Sigma FC in the years ahead."