Sigma Coaching Development division after months of planning will begin offering its technical services for the basic education of coaches. The educational seminars and clinics will be available for all interested clubs who wish to benefit from various developmental aspects in soccer focusing on youth development.

Sigma Sports Solutions Coaching Development Programs are designed to offer coaches of all levels the ability to learn the vital aspects of the game and how it is meant to be taught within the various stages of development.

Our instructors bring along with them a vast knowledge in the sport of soccer from a technical tactical, psychological, physical and above all paediological level.

Sigma’s focus is to deliver knowledge and material based on years of study and scientific data by the world’s forerunners in training and coaching principles. Our information and training techniques are set within the guidelines of UEFA’s European convention which emphasizes proper training principles standard to the soccer world.

Sigma’s ability to gain this knowledge and provide it to Canadian coaches is the result of our director’s ties to many of the world’s innovators and most celebrated clubs in matters of development. Constant information sharing along with visits to Europe set apart the coaching development seminars offered by Sigma.

Sigma Sports Solutions invites Clubs and coaches of all levels to take advantage of the knowledge available in order to benefit our young athletes for a better tomorrow in the worlds beautiful game.

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