Christopher Nanco's speed on a soccer field has blazed a trail to England.

Nanco, a 15-year old striker on Sigma FC's C1 (1995) squad, has been invited to train with famed soccer club Liverpool FC.

The Brampton, Ont., resident, was scouted during Sigma's annual international ID camps, plus through ongoing consultation between the club and Sigma's technical staff.

"The invitation has come in from a scouting team of people who have either been here, and seen him play here in the past," explained Sigma technical director Bobby Smyrniotis. "We deemed that this (invitation) came at a good time for him, seeing that it is at the end of the summer, and he is in season."

In addition to Liverpool, Smyrniotis said that the door is opened for Nanco, who was scheduled to leave Aug. 14, to train with the youth academies of some other Premiership clubs, but whether or not he gets to those clubs depends on how his training stint with Liverpool goes.

"We are looking at it as a training period (for Chris). We are not shooting for the stars, it just one of those things, we can get him in there. He is playing well, and has been playing well for the past while. It will be great for Chris to be there for two weeks."

According to Smyrniotis, Liverpool likes Nanco's blazing speed and technical skills.

"His biggest qualities are his pace and his ability to play with the ball at his feet with pace," he said. "Whenever you can combine those two things - and we are not just talking about pace alone - it's his technical ability to do it with the ball, it is a rare thing in modern football. He brings that dynamic, that 1v1 attacking, scoring and playmaking ability.

"I think those are the qualities that he will show overseas when he shows his stuff."

Smyrniotis expects the experience to rub off on Nanco's teammates when he returns from England.

"This is a great thing for our academy, and for the players. It will keep them all motivated. He can come back with quite a few stories to share with his teammates," said Smyrniotis.