Name: Michael Campea

Michael is a crafty technical winger who excels in delivering quality crosses into the box. His quick feet and balance make him very elusive to defenders while his ability to play with both feet makes him difficult to defend and unpredictable in attack.


  • OSL U21 league Champion 2010
  • OSL U21 League Cup Champion 2011

Coach Smyrniotis:
Michael joined SIGMA in the fall of 2009 with a will and determination like no other player. His transformation and development over the past two years has been fantastic with Michael becoming an important member of our A1 Squad. His ability to beat defenders in 1v1 situations and serve the quality crosses into the penalty area have made him a dangerous opponent to all defenders. Beyond his crossing nature Michael is one of those players who takes good positions inside the box where he has provided our team with some very valuable goals over his time. As his coach over the past two seasons I am excited to follow Michael and his progress at the University level representing Queen’s and Coach Chris Gencarelli in CIS action.

Beyond his abilities on the field Michael is an exemplary student and I am positive of his success in the classroom which will allow him to reach his ultimate goals.

In his own Words:
I've been at Sigma Academy for almost two years now. At Sigma, I found that they focused more on technicality of play than running and endurance, as that comes naturally with dedication to the game. It was that technicality that helped all of my teammates, including myself, stand out to coaches from not only the States, but Canada as well. With a combination of great coaching and motivation, I can honestly say that Sigma has made me a better player on and off the field.

I chose Queen's University as my destination for the upcoming season because I didn't want to play too far from home, but far enough to experience life for myself. Also, the school itself is beautiful and with the help of the varsity coaches there, I felt right at home. I plan to study Civil Engineering.