Name: Manny Morgado

Manny is a dominant central midfielder who utilizes his technical ability on the ball and work ethic off to ball to be a force in the midfield zone. He has the ability to set the tempo of the game and change the outcome of it with one set piece, one long pass or a thunderous shot off the run.


  • OSL U21 League Champion - 2010
  • SAAC Senior Showcase League Champion - 2009

Coach Smyrniotis:
"Manny has been at SIGMA since the beginning of it all. As a player he has used his strong will and determination to continually refine and develop his game to the point of becoming a top midfielder in our region. Manny has been a leader for this team over the years and I believe he will continue this tradition at the University of Pittsburgh under the guidance of coach Joe Luxbacher and coach Chris Karwoski. I look forward to following his Big East matches and hopefully having the time to visit one in person next season."

In his own words:
"After a year or so of searching, I decided to attend the University of Pittsburgh. The school caught my eye as it competes in the Big East, has great coaches, and great facilities. Coach Chris led his Western Michigan team to their first NCAA College Cup and that's where I want to be. At the moment, I am still unsure of what I want to study.

"I have been with Sigma since 2007 and trained with Coach Bobby before that time. After a couple of sessions with Bobby, I knew this was an environment where I could grow as an individual and as a person. In these past 4 years I can say I have grown immensely as a player and I want to continue to develop. I hope that I can go to Pittsburgh with the right mentality and be a part of the starting 11."