Name: Kristian Lee-Him

Very good box to box midfielder who can provide at both ends of the field. He is a technically gifted player who can create opportunities going forward and a tactically intelligent player who takes up good positioning in midfield.


  • Member of U20 Trinidad & Tobago pool
  • OSL U21 League Champion – 2010
  • SAAC Senior Showcase League Champion – 2009

Coach Smyrniotis:
Kristian is a special young man who brings a dedicated approach to the field each and every time he is out there. He has a great ability to play on the edge every game which is a great intangible in this beautiful game. I congratulate both him and his parents for their dedication over the years and look forward to following his development under coach Shaun Pendleton at Appalachian State.

In his own words:
"Historically North Carolina has been known for its strong soccer and academic programs. After reviewing a number of schools, I made an official visit to ASU and met with Coach Shaun Pendleton.

"Coach Shaun had all the qualities that I would look for in a coach to mentor me, he is European based, played NCAA (at the University of Akron), became a professional player and is the 2nd all-time winningest coach in NCAA history. After he laid out his plans, which included a host of top level recruits (11 freshmen) for 2011 season, the role that I will play, the school and program aligned with my plans to study Business Management at a recognized University and to play soccer at a high level. I want to ensure that my additional goal of achieving a professional career as a soccer player is also realized.

"In addition to my parents support, the coaching staff at Sigma have been a catalyst for my maturity as a player and person. I have been a full time Sigma player since 2007, however I was coached previously by Coach Bobby in my club. I am confident that my four years at this University and continued training and association with Sigma will result in me achieving all my goals."