Name: Juan Bernal

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Years at SIGMA: 2007
  • University: Adrian College


  • OSL U21 League Cup Champion 2011

Bobby Smyrniotis on Bernal:
"Juan is another player from a long list of boys in our 1994 age bracket that developed with us from U13 all the way through their youth development. As a player he brings a mix of great energy and technical skills to the game. He is a tireless midfielder gifted with the ability to play with both right and left foot. Beyond the field, Juan is a great young man with a great personality in the changeroom among teammates. His dedication to improving his game on the field is relentless and I am sure he will continue in this manner as he continues his education at Adrian College in Michigan."

"All of us at SIGMA look forward to monitoring Juan's career in college and look forward to having him back with us in the spring."

In his own words:
"As a young athlete looking for a career in football, I have played for many teams and have had the experience of being exposed to training by many different coaches. SIGMA has stood out above all others. I can confidently say that SIGMA has provided me with all the tools needed to become a successful footballer. SIGMA is the reason why I am the footballer I am today. All the coaches at SIGMA have supported me since Day 1. I have seen myself grow as a player not only in a technical aspect but more importantly in a tactical way. SIGMA was not only something I enjoyed doing but it became a big part of my life. I organized my schedule around practices, meetings and games. The best part of all was that I enjoyed every minute of it. I often found myself upset at how short the practices seemed because I always wanted to stay longer. I must thank Bobby, Costa and the rest of the coaches at SIGMA for shaping me into the best player I can be.

Bobby and some of the other coaches also helped me in trying to find the right school for me to go to in the summer of 2012. Everything became very stressful as I could not find the right school for me. I visited many schools and kept in contact with dozens of coaches. Chris Lefevre, head of the men's soccer program at Adrian College first took interest in me at the downsview showcase in spring of 2012. After taking a close look at what the school had to offer academically and in athletics, I couldn't be happier. I chose Adrian because it was the perfect fit for me. The style which the coach emphasizes at Adrian was exactly what SIGMA has been teaching me for many years. I was also very lucky that Adrian has the academic program I am interested in. The Athletic Sciences program was perfect for me. I hope to obtain a degree in management and athletics so that one day i can be a coach myself. I look forward to the years ahead of me and I am very excited to make an impact on the men's soccer team at Adrian.

What Coach Chris LeFevre is saying:
"I think Juan is a great addition to our program. Yes he is talented. but his work ethic, passion, understanding of the game and desire to learn and improve make him special. Juan is a true center midfielder, box-to-box player who we have high expectations for not only on the field but in the area of leadership for the program. He has a bright future for us here at Adrian and we look forward to getting him healthy and back on the field."