Name: Jordan Hibbert

Jordan is a versatile defender/defensive midfielder who excels in his 1v1 defending and aerial battles. He has a good ability to move the ball forward from the back with his short and long distribution. Jordan brings a positive work ethic to the field every session and match which is positive for his teammates.


  • OSL U21 League Champion

Coach Smyrniotis:
"Jordan joined our academy and A1 team in the early season of 2010. His transition to the squad was immediate as he has a great ability to gel and understand the tactical aspects important to the game. As a player he has grown tremendously in his time here to refine the technical aspect of his game along with understanding proper decision making strategies. There is no doubt in my mind that Jordan will be an instrumental member of Coach Carlo Acquista's emerging Adelphi program."

In his own words:
"After playing against Sigma FC over the past few years with my previous club, I have had the privilege of admiring their style of play and work ethic. Coach Bobby's coaching, tactics and superb knowledge of the game made me realize that I can push towards my full potential under his guidance. This is why I made the switch to Sigma, and I am very happy with this decision, as I feel that all areas of my game have enhanced since my entrance with the academy. Now that I am about to join a NCAA Division 1 team, I know that I need to be prepared mentally and physically in order to succeed in that environment, which is why joining Sigma was a great decision.

"I have decided to become an Adelphi University Panther come September 2011. The school has a very prestigious reputation and its academic and athletic programs are well respected. After visiting the school, I grew fond of the very close-knit environment and the soccer program that coach Carlo Acquista operates. Coach Carlo is a very ambitious, outgoing individual that will push for the best in you at all times, which is why I know that I can reach my full potential with him and his Panthers. I plan to go into Dentistry or Physical Therapy at Adelphi.

"This great achievement is truly due to the undying support from my parents, my coaches who aided in my progression and the Sigma program for without them, I would not have this opportunity. I have confidence that my four years at Adelphi will guide me towards success, with or without soccer. I hope to stay fully connected with my peers at Sigma and do them proud in the United States of America."