SIGMA Sports is very pleased to announce that Jarrett Hamilton has accepted an athletic scholarship to Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma. Apart from being an integral member of the SIGMA ETC Program over the last few years Jarrett has also been a member of the U-17 Canadian National Team.

SIGMA Technical Director Bobby Smyrniotis has seen Jarrett develop into the player and person he is over the years, "He is definitely a quality player and I wish him all the success in this next phase of his life. His commitment on and off the field as a top student and soccer player has provided a great opportunity to further his ambitions in the sport of soccer. Of most importance is the fact that he will be attaining a degree which will provide him the ability to strive for a successful career post undergrad. I would also like to congratulate Jarrett's family for supporting him and putting their trust into SIGMA and our program to assist Jarrett along the way. He is going to a good school and a well respected coach in Steve Hayes".

With a quality network well established within the US University soccer community and the success of the group over the 2007-08 season, SIGMA is now in a position to increase the opportunities available to local players looking to combine a quality university education and soccer program. The recent showcasing combines and events held in the Toronto area by SIGMA have lead to an increased interest in the 2009 graduating class and also laid the foundation for future graduating groups.