Sigma FC is pleased to announce that for a 3rd year in a row Henk Mariman, Youth Technical Director of Club Brugge (Belgium) will be a member of the coaching roster for this summer's SIGMA FC International ID Training Camps.

Henk Mariman has been an integral member of the European coaching staff present at the camp over the past two summers providing his vast experience in European soccer and training methodology to participants of the camp. Mr. Mariman is widely considered as one of the top educators in Europe dealing in youth development. His involvement as an instructor at many of Europe's top coaching symposiums and his education and consulting to many European clubs is a measure of his knowledge and respect he has within the development (youth academy) community. His hard work and dedication over the past four years at Club Brugge has lead to the club receiving a 5 star rating for its academy, a designation only provided to the best of the best.

The technical staff and management at SIGMA FC view this as another opportunity for the young players of our region to learn more about the game from a diverse perspective. The players in this summer's camp will once again have the opportunity to train under the guidance of a few different schools of thought.

The ability to have such a great educator for a third straight year is testament to SIGMA and the academy Technical Director Bobby Smyrniotis, who year in year out has assembled the best in European coaching and philosophies providing an inspiration to all participants. "When assembling our European coaching staff we are constantly looking to create a group of coaches who can each offer something special and unique. In this case we do not only have a coach but above all an respected club Technical Director. This aspect provides a vision for our academy and the camp. Henk is a very good friend and supporter of SIGMA, acting as a technical consultant on all our year round programs. I look forward to having him work alongside all the coaches of SIGMA and most importantly the participants".

Constantine Smyrniotis (Managing Director of SIGMA and SEG Canada) believes that by securing Henk Mariman SIGMA is continuing to provide quality training and experiences to its players, "Having Mr. Mariman in Toronto for another summer is integral to the continued success of our training camps, and all programs at SIGMA in general. As we saw in 2009 there was a diversified coaching staff representing more countries than ever before. We would like to continue in this new tradition while still keeping a quality core of technical people constant. Henk Mariman is perfect from this aspect as he understands the Canadian player, their attributes and their weaknesses. He has already put a training plan in place with our technical director to prepare for the camp. In my discussions with Mr. Mariman it is quite clear that he is excited to make the trip to Toronto again and has made it very clear that his purpose is definitely scouting oriented and hopes to find a few special players that would have the level to play at a Club Brugge. I am confident that this year’s camp will be a success once again- firmly establishing this yearly event as tops in North America".

Club Bruges is widely regarded as the top club in Belgium with a great history both domestically and in European competition. It is also home to Canadian National team player Mike Klukowski!