The SIGMA ETC program, traditionally a place for players to supplement their club training and play, re-starts the training season after a break for the holidays. The SIGMA ETC program is home to the younger age groups within the SIGMA pyramid of development. Players born between the years of 1997 2002 compose this area of the organization with training between 1-2x per week (varies per age group).

Players in the ETC program are taught the finer points of the game with a large emphasis on technical skill, insight and an overall understanding of simple tactical concepts. The ETC program is a pre-cursor to the FC teams in the organization with all current teams at one point under the ETC umbrella of SIGMA. Responsible for the ETC program is SIGMA Technical Coordinator Dave Zonneveld, who has been with the organization from its inception and has been instrumental in the success of the program. According to Zonneveld the program provides a great deal to each participant, "the ETC program allows each player to receive a high quality soccer education which works on increasing the overall skill level of each player while they remain with their community clubs. The ability for the players in the program to train with top coaches, quality players and top notch facilities is an opportunity only found at within top international clubs in the world. Our initiative is to make players better both in their ability to handle the ball along with their process of thinking on the ball. This has been successful over the years in producing and developing many very talented players and eventually SIGMA FC teams. The results of the program are evident and each participant (both player and parent) are aware of it after their first session with SIGMA".

The SIGMA ETC program runs from October to May each season with a specified number of players accepted per age group. Players for the program are selected via participation in the SIGMA international summer camps, Talent Days, and individual EOI requests.

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