SIGMA FC is proud to announce that Jerome Baker (1991) will be joining Vancouver Whitecaps residency. SIGMA Managing Director and Director of SEG Canada (, Constantine Smyrniotis who is responsible for placing players in professional environments was instrumental in securing Jerome's move from SIGMA to the Whitecaps at the beginning of 2009 comments, "Jerome is a special player, a top striker who has all the ability to play at a high level. His further development within a professional club like Vancouver with all the support the program provides is definitely the right option for him at this time. Future opportunities with the Whitecaps first team and of course the Canadian national team are definitely Jerome's next goals. Jerome success, much like that of his SIGMA teammates who have chosen to be collegiate student athletes is a testament to the quality work of the boys and the technical team at SIGMA. They will be the one's opening the door for future SIGMA players."

Technical Director, Bobby Smyrniotis has worked with Jerome over the past few years and has seen this youth player grow into a mature young man. "When Jerome showed up to one of our training sessions and asked for a meeting to discuss if we would consider accepting him at SIGMA I was sold on the fact that this boy knew what he wanted. It is not easy for a player within the National pool to come and seek help but Jerome was humble and confident in what he wanted to achieve. He knew we had the ability to help players reach their goals if they were committed to working hard, and was responsible enough to come to us on his own. Many players playing at a high level would not have taken this route, but I commend him for it and encourage other top players of our region to do the same in order to take care of their future in the sport. "

Jerome is one of many players over the past years who have had the opportunity to experience the professional game both nationally and abroad via SIGMA. He is part of the successful A1 squad who has seen many of its players commit to their next step in football both within the collegiate and pro game.

Congratulations JEROME! You have made the SIGMA family proud.