Sigma Sports Solutions is proud to announce the arrival of the AFC Ajax of Amsterdam youth coaching staff to Toronto for the fourth year in a row. These elite training camps have become a fixture for the month of July over the past years with over 800 participants taking part. The focus of the camps is twofold; development training under the top youth academy model in the world and scouting for inclusion into the SIGMA ETC yearly program which is home to many of the regions top talents. According to Sigma Managing Director and Director of SEG Canada Constantine Smyrniotis, "The camps provide a great experience for all players to work closely under the direction of the AFC AJAX and SIGMA staff. Our efforts in scouting have allowed us to ensure the level of participants is strong to best match the technical program at hand, and provides new attending players an opportunity to understand the expectations of them if they were to be invited into the ETC Program. Our mandate is simply to provide the participating players a great period of training and soccer experience usually only afforded to the youth players of AJAX".

In the past, the camps have attracted many of Southern Ontario's finest pool of players and will continue with this tradition again this summer. Sigma's Technical Director, Bobby Smyrniotis who has been instrumental in instituting the scouting network laid out by Sigma which has lead to the organization attracting many of the region's gifted players comments, "Our scouting efforts over the past few years have put our organization in a position to understand where all of the talent is playing. Our coaching staff has done a great job in understanding the soccer players' landscape in order to provide a program of high quality. In the end players who aspire to reach their goals and ambitions must train in a challenging environment provided by the training staff and most important by the players around them." The Sigma ETC program currently trains groups at each age from U9 - U18. "The bottom line is that we are committed to providing players the best in training methods, competitions, facilities and, in the end, the ambition to attaining something further from the sport of soccer".

The three week summer camps will host all existing Sigma ETC players, with a limited amount of new attendees who are currently not members but will be chosen based on talent and work ethic. With that said, we are also targeting female prospects for our ETC Girls Program initiative for the 2008/09 fall winter season. The camps will provide an excellent opportunity to evaluate female talent in anticipation of this.

The SIGMA AJAX Camps will take place for a three week period beginning June 30 to July 18, with the third week being open to existing SIGMA ETC players and call backs of new attendees from the first two weeks of camps.

For more information please click here to go to the SIGMA AJAX Camps page.