Name: Ty Smith


Ty is a true attacking player able to score from a variety of positions. His ability to pick good spots around the goal and ability to strike from the air make him a top box presence for his team. A tireless worker on and off the field who blends technical skills with mental toughness to compete all the time.


  • 2103: Ontario Soccer League Provincial Elite League Champions
  • 2012: SAAC Academy League U21 Champions
  • 2012: Under Armor Potomac Showcase Champions
  • 2011: Ontario Soccer League Central Region U-21 Champions
  • 2011: Score Showcase Greensboro, North Carolina Finalists
  • 2010: SAAC Senior Boys Showcase League U-17 Champions
  • 2009: SAAC Junior Boys Showcase League U-15 Champions
  • 2009: SAAC Junior Boys Showcase u-15 Cup Finalists
  • 2009: SAAC Junior Boys Showcase League U-15 Top Scorer
  • 2009: Score Showcase Greensboro, North Carolina Champions

Bobby Smyrniotis on Smith:
Ty has been a member here for a long time. This has provided him the ability to develop in a proper manner throughout the years. He has learned to make good decisions on and off the ball and to tactically understand roles from different positions whether playing up top or on the wing. He has a great ability to seize opportunities to goal and his goals over the years have proven his ability to score from different areas on the pitch. Inside the box is where he is at his best both on the ground and especially in the air where his timing is fantastic. His decision to join coach Eric Nichols and his staff at Bowling Green is a very good one as the program is looking good and the style of play will be a natural transition for Ty. I congratulate him and his family for their commitment to the game over the years. It has been a long road but a very enjoyable one for all!

In His Own Words:
"I am going to be attending Bowling Green State University in Ohio come this September. It is an amazing opportunity to be a BGSU Falcon and I'm excited for many reasons. I would have to say that Coach Eric Nichols was one of the main factors in my decision to attend BGSU. His competitiveness, will to win, and his goals for the team are just some factors to name. I see success in the very near future for BGSU soccer and I want to do my best to be a significant contributor to that success. I am excited to give the team what I have to offer as a player, and hopefully with a team full of players thinking the same way, we can make a big impact on the MAC conference.

On an academic side of things I am also excited about the Bowling Green State University business program. Business is something that has always been interesting to me and I am looking forward to studying something I enjoy while playing the sport I love at the same time. BGSU has a great business program and I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to study it there.

SIGMA FC has become a huge success from the time I started at the club 7 years ago. I remember starting out with SIGMA FC before they had created teams and it was solely training. I went to SIGMA with the intention of working hard and making myself a better player. Learning things that I knew I couldn't anywhere else. I am very confident that this happened. Two major things I am taking away from SIGMA are the improvement on my technical ability and my tactical understanding of the game. SIGMA has significantly improved my ability with the ball and I have to thank not only all of the Coaching staff for this, but my teammates for these past 7 years. If it wasn't for the SIGMA 1995 boys I would not be the player I am today. They are some of the best and most talented players I have ever played with or against. Thank you for competing the way you did every training session and every game. I feel very blessed to have been able to play with all of you, and I know we are going to all be playing together for more years to come."

In Coach Eric Nichols words:
"We are really excited about bringing Ty into our family. He has great physical tools, a fantastic mentality for the game, and he comes from a top notch soccer environment where he has played with quality players and benefitted top notch coaching. There is always a learning curve as a player changes environments, but Sigma FC has prepared Ty extremely well and we anticipate that he will adapt quickly. With all of Ty's qualities, the one I like the most is his competitive spirit. We play an incredibly difficult schedule at Bowling Green and that mentality is vital for our success. We expect big things from Ty Smith."