Name: Tristan Fairclough


A strong physical presence in the backline who defends very well and with very good timing to win 1st balls. A natural leader on the pitch who communicates well and leads by example from his play over the period of a game. Can play both as central defender and outside back with ease using his good forward passing and movement to assist in build up and the attack.


  • 2013: Under Armor Potomac Showcase Champion
  • 2012: SAAC Academy League U-21 Champion
  • 2011: SAAC Academy League Champion

Bobby Smyrniotis on Fairclough:
Tristan has been with our '96 team since the beginning. He has always come to training to work and improve his play and that is the attitude that has allowed him to develop as a player and fine young man. He leads by example as his work rate is fantastic both in training and match play. As a defender he has great timing to win duels with attackers and can start the play out o the back. His versatility to play both in the middle and the outside show that he has the skill set to play football. From the right back position he does a great job moving forward joining the attack and whipping balls into the box.

I have thoroughly enjoyed having him at the academy over the years as have all of our coaching staff. In joining UW- Green Bay, Tristan has made a very good decision for his educational and athletic development as the school provides him the platform to succeed on all levels. He will be playing for a very good Coach and friend in Dan Popik who is doing great things with the program over his first couple of years.

Congratulations Tristan and family and i look forward to following your progress over your years at Green Bay!

In His Own Words:
"I have chosen to attend University of Wisconsin – Green Bay for Fall 2014 because of its great educational and athletic atmosphere and opportunities. I got to see the great environment of the campus. One of the things that really influenced my decision to attend UWGB was their Athletics Academic Coordinator, Coach Kline. He told me everything I needed to know about the educational aspect of the school as well as the support they provided to student athletes because education is very important to the school.

"UWGB has a plan to enable players to perform well on the pitch and in the classroom. The small class sizes gives the students an advantage and provides more interaction between students and teachers. During my visit, the atmosphere of the school and of the team felt great; the camaraderie amongst the team was apparent. Coach Popik has been rebuilding his team over the past three years and I feel that I will be able to fit into this system and play well. I am looking forward to being part of the team.

"The first time I experienced Sigma soccer was during a tryout for their summer camp. After joining Sigma I had the opportunity to travel to Holland to play against some of their top teams and visit some of their academies. Sigma has greatly improved my soccer skills and abilities as a player. They have taught me how to be an intelligent player and to play a beautiful game on the pitch. All of the coaches at Sigma have helped me improve as a player and an individual. During my senior year, Coach Bobby in particular, helped me become more confident on the field.

"Coach Bobby also helped me come to a decision of what school to attend by proposing what schools and soccer programs he thought I would fit into. His guidance was a great help. I have had a wonderful time at Sigma, and I am excited for all the educational and athletic opportunities to come. I would like to thank all the coaches at Sigma FC for helping me develop and for always pushing me to my limits so that I can get to this point in my life."