This outdoor season will see SIGMA FC reach new levels as the academy proceeds with many initiatives for its players and coaches' further development. One key initiative will see the Sigma FC first team be a founding member in the new Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) sanctioned League1 Ontario. In line with the CSA's strategic plan (2014-18) the new Ontario based high performance league will be the top senior domestic league in the country.

"2014 looks set to be a fantastic year for our organization," said SIGMA FC Technical Director Bobby Smyrniotis. "Each year, as a staff, we look to do better than the last. Our technical staff and management have worked on a great plan for this season and we look forward to seeing that materialize over the course of the year. We look forward to seeing our brand and philosophy of soccer from all of our teams come out on the pitch as this has been central to our success in developing players."

The Club will now have its first team play in League1 Ontario, while the second team will take the club's spot in the Ontario Soccer League's (OSL) Provincial Elite Division. SIGMA FC teams will play in the OSL U-21 Division (A1), as well as the following: SAAC U-20 (B1), SAAC U-17 (B2), SAAC U16 (C1), SAAC U15 (C2), SAAC U14 (D1) and SAAC U13 (D2).

This complement of teams is the deepest in club history and provides even more players a chance to train and play in a structured, development focused environment with a clear path to the top of the organization.

"Our players are doing a tremendous job on the field in training and this winter has been one of the best overall training environments we have had with our players. The desire to learn each session is great and is exemplified in their progression in the game," said Smyrniotis.

It will be a busy few months as SAAC action kicks off the weekend of April 5-6, and SIGMA FC teams competing in League1 and the OSL will begin later in May. Further teams will be preparing in major spring showcase events on both sides of the border.

"2014 will be exciting at our youngest groups who continue to develop the attributes and objectives of the lower (age)academy while our U14 to U16 increase their thought processes based on match situations," Smyrniotis added. "Our U17 will enter the pre-competitive phase of development increasing tactical development.

"Our 1st and 2nd team are the top of our development path and represent some of the best players in the country who are making their next steps in the game. As such there is a great deal to be excited about and I look forward to getting outdoors on the pitch for the start of next component of our season!"

In July, SIGMA will host its 10th Annual SIGMA FC International ID camp, featuring some of U.S. College's top coaches from schools such as UConn, Akron, Holy Cross and Evansville. The European coaches will include Belgium's Genk FC plus many more to be named later.

This summer, SIGMA FC will add some competitive events to the calendar including a new event called the SIGMA FC Summer Challenge. Stay tuned for more details on this event that will include top academies and local clubs in a series of friendly matches.

Already, SIGMA FC has many players committed to U.S. and Canadian schools as part of its Class of 2014. Some of the players include Tristan Fairclough (Wisconsin-Green Bay), Arlick Ntabana (Evansville), Ty Smith (Bowling Green), Aidan D'Mello (North Florida), Jordan Stoddart (Winthrop), Brett Landles (Missouri State), Darcy Bloemen (Pittsburgh), Tim Mahabir (Roanoke), Richmond Laryea (Akron), Eji Mrabure (Jacksonville), Jamal Joseph (Georgia).

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