Name: Reon Treavajo

  • Position: Left & Right Back
  • Years at SIGMA: 2010
  • University: Indiana Tech


  • OSL U21 League Cup Champion 2011
  • SAAC Senior Showcase Cup Champion, 2010

Bobby Smyrniotis on Treavajo:
"Reon is a versatile outside back who defends very well in 1v1 situations.. From an attacking perspective he can push the ball up the field and has good range in his passing. With his strong running technique, he is able to join the attack and make use of his superior crossing abilities. Beyond the on field aspects he is a great young responsible young man who is driven to develop and succeed and with this attitude I believe he will be a success to coach Bokhart and Indiana Tech".

"Reon came to us from the club environment at the U16 age, and at the time he had to work hard to develop a few areas of his game and being confident in his play. I think he has accomplished this over his time here and is continuing to develop. The coaching staff here at SIGMA has really enjoyed working with him and look forward to continuing to have him in our ranks for years to come. He is a player that will continue to develop in a good program at Indiana Tech"

In his own words:
"I chose Indiana Tech because it was a nice small school, with great class size, and a great classroom environment. Coach Bokhart is relatively new to the program, and he has some great plans for the team. I was hesitant about going to a bigger school, not fitting in, not getting playing time. And with going to a small school, with smaller class size, there's a greater sense of community.

"My time at Sigma has been wonderful, everything about it. The training is top class. There is nothing like it in Durham, Toronto, or the GTA

"The biggest thing is that at Sigma, you are training like a professional, and it is very technical and tactical. I feel that my technical game has improved in leaps and bounds since coming to Sigma. I learned a lot about the thinking parts of the game - positioning, when to go, when to stay, who to play the ball to. And that helped in my recruiting process. Once a coach sees you have a technical foundation, they know they can work with you."

In his own words:
"I am excited that Reon has elected to join us at Indiana Tech. His character and attention to detail throughout the recruitment process really stood out and I know he will make our program better. He has some impressive versatility as a player and will really compete for opportunities on the right and left side of the back four next year. His experiences with Sigma FC have served him well and he brings that level of professionalism and expectation with him."