Name: Paulo Farias


Paulo Farias is a savvy, technically gifted passer with ability to split defenders with his passing. He has a keen sense of splitting defenders in attack with precision passing and working through pressure with tight and effective footwork.


  • Potomac Showcase Champion, 2012
  • Score Showcase Runner up, 2012
  • OSL U21 League Champion, 2011

In Coach Smyrniotis' Words:
"Paulo has been a very good contributor to the group over the past three years. He brings a different quality to the field in supplying a final pass in the attacking third. He has been great in his role at the #8 and #10 position over the years and has been a very solid contributor on the scoresheet scoring from both inside and outside the box in crucial matches. Tiffin will provide him an excellent platform to keep on developing as an athlete and most importantly gaining a valuable education.

Congratulations from all of us at SIGMA FC to Paulo and his whole family.

In His Own Words:
I will be attending Tiffin University in Ohio next year. I decided to go to Tiffin for many reasons. First of all both the coaching staff and the players made me feel very welcome, they treated me as if I was one of their own. The players were very open with me, telling me things that I needed to do in certain drills as well as encouraging me as I played. The coaching staff did everything in their power to make my stay at the University very comfortable and were open to any questions I had to ask. I also decided to join Tiffin University because of their facilities. Tiffin recently got a new soccer training facility which is open to all players. It was very important to me knowing that I had a place where I can train daily and I believe the new facilities are more than sufficient.

Next year at Tiffin I will be doing a major in experimental Psychology. I choose this field because it is a field I have always been very interested in but never had the chance to study it in depth. I am very excited to be doing a major in this field as Tiffin are nationally ranked in their Psychology courses.

Being a part of Sigma FC has meant a lot to me over the past couple of years. Before I arrived at Sigma it was hard for me to find a team to play on due to the style I liked to play. When I came to Sigma I believe that their style suited me perfectly and I was able to show my ability a lot more because I felt more comfortable on the pitch. I believe sigma helped me develop as a player not only technically, but also mentally. The coaching staff really prepares their players for what is to come in the future and to play at a higher level and I believe this is an important aspect in developing players.