Name: Orestis Ilias

  • Position: Central Midfielder
  • Years at SIGMA: 2009
  • University: Roanoke College


Orestis is a dynamic wide player with an ability to beat defenders constantly in 1v1 situations. As a winger Orestis has a great touch in front of the goal constantly finding himself in goal scoring positions contributing to his track record of finishing over the years. He is a shifty player who can cause problems to defenders in a variety of manners on the pitch.


  • Potomac Showcase Champion, 2012
  • Score Showcase Runner up, 2012
  • Member of SIGMA FC 1st team 2012
  • OSL U21 League Champion, 2011
  • SAAC Senior Showcase Champions, 2010
  • SAAC Junior Showcase Champions, 2009

In Coach Smyrniotis' Words:
Orestis first came under our radar as a 10 year old in our first SIGMA/Ajax camp in 2005. As of 2009 he joined us full time and it has been a great development path ever since. As a player he has grown into a threat on the field and a danger in front of goal becoming one of our leading goal scorers over the past two seasons. He has a very good sense of the goal and is very calm in his finishing. It has been a pleasure having Oresti in the academy and watching him grow into a more complete young soccer player. As an excellent student in the classroom I believe he made a great decision in Roanoke as it has a superb academic reputation. Playing for Coach Ryan Pflugrad will also be a nice touch as he has been a friend of mine in the game of soccer going back 5 years now from him time at the University of Denver.

Congratulations to Orestis and his parents for all the great years and commitment to SIGMA FC and I look forward to him being an absolute success both on and off the field!

In His Own Words:
I have been a part of Sigma FC for more than four years and have decided to attend Roanoke College for this coming fall. Roanoke College is located in a very open area in Salem, Virginia and has a beautiful campus. I chose this school because it has a very good education system and an outstanding soccer program there. The student to teacher ratio at the college is on average 25-1 therefore it will facilitate my learning in the classroom as each student has the opportunity to build a personal relationship with the professors. As for the soccer aspect the training grounds that are offered at the school are exceptional and the quality of the football is top notch.

Coach Bobby has had a strong relationship with Roanoke's coach, Ryan Pflugrad, and has helped me with my decision. The soccer team at Roanoke is similar to Sigma because they mostly play possession based football which is hard to find while playing college soccer in the United States. Also, the mentality of Roanoke's soccer team is to treat one another like they were your family therefore the bond that is created is once again comparable to the Sigma organization. Academically, the campuses at the school are all near the classrooms therefore it makes it very accessible to attend all your classes without having to take any buses or walk long distances.

Throughout the years that I have been with Sigma FC I have developed multiple relations with the coaches, players and parents. The entire football organization has been like a second family to me because you see everyone almost every day and they always treat you with respect and kindness. The relationship that I have built with my team has been one that I will never forget due to the fact that everyone works hard for one another to achieve the common goal of developing as players. The training and coaching that is offered at Sigma is one of the major reasons why I have developed as the player that I am now. The intensity of the practices was always evident, the technical drills have helped the players build essential skills and the tactical lessons always helped the players develop a better mental mindset of the game and their position.

Overall my experience at Sigma FC has been a milestone in my life and I will always return back to this organization with good relations. I strongly believe this academy will do nothing more than continue on succeeding and becoming more and more recognized. It's a great feeling knowing that I will be going away for college to the United States and it will be such a great experience to go there and then return to all my teammates during the summer. I am thankful to the entire organization as an entity from the coaching staff to the management and will be hoping to continue on being a part of this academy as long as I possibly can.

In Coach Pflugrad's Words:
"We are extremely excited to have a player, and person, like Orestis attending Roanoke College and joining the program. He is a skillful, versatile attacking player, whose abilities learned at Sigma will translate very well to our system here at Roanoke College. His work rate, both in the classroom and on the field, is also excellent."