Name: Richmond Laryea


A box-to-box midfielder with superior technical ability. He is an impact player with the ability to attack and defend. Laryea possesses speed, skill and strength and an ability to beat defenders 1v1 and hold possession like no other!


  • Canada U18 National Team
  • OSL U21 League Champion, 2013
  • Potomac Showcase Champion, 2012
  • Score Showcase Runner up, 2012
  • Member of SIGMA FC 1st team 2012, 2013
  • OSL U21 League Champion, 2011
  • SAAC Senior Showcase Champions, 2010
  • SAAC Junior Showcase Champions, 2009

Bobby Smyrniotis on Laryea:
"Richmond is an original member of SIGMA FC from 2006. I remember him dancing through players in our inaugural trip to Mallorca in the spring of 2006 with teams such as Valencia, Ajax and Everton. Since then he has been a great ambassador for our academy and has constantly been improving his game. Today he is the top box-box midfielder in Canada in his age cohort as it is rare to have a player with so much individual skill and ability to defend with the same ease. He is modern midfielder who possesses speed, skill and strength and his commitment to the University of Akron is proof that he is one of the top players around. I would like to congratulate him and his whole family for their commitment to the game and their commitment to SIGMA since our beginning. I look forward to watching him compete on the National stage in the NCAA and moving off to the pro ranks in the future with continued development."

In His Own Words:
"I've been here since 2006 and I've liked it the whole time, never thought about leaving, it has always been a good training environment, the best place for anyone to be if they want to train, play in Canada. Thinking back to that first tournament, it's funny how far we've come from Sigma 2006 to Sigma today.

"Coach Bobby is demanding, and he expects a lot of certain players and that has that helped me a lot. He pushes everyone, pushed me too, and that helped me become the player that I am today."