Name: Justin Stoddart


A smooth running, fluid dribbler with an ability to change direction in midfield like no other. Stoddart is an attacking midfielder who carries all the strengths of the position. Great long range shooting with both feet, excellent at driving forward with the ball and superb passing range are some of the characteristics of Justin.


  • Potomac Showcase Champion, 2012
  • Score Showcase Runner up, 2012
  • Member of SIGMA FC 1st team 2012
  • OSL U21 League Champion, 2011
  • SAAC Senior Showcase Champions, 2010
  • SAAC Junior Showcase Champions, 2009

In Coach Smyrniotis' Words:
"As with others of this 2013 class of players Justin has been here since the beginning. He has been an integral part of this group and the development of all players over the years. An excellent young man who is driven to succeed both on and off the field. As a soccer player, he has the rare ability to float with the ball on the field with a rare ease. He has scored some great goals over his years here many of which have been "screamers" from 25+ yards from goal. There is no doubt he will be a success at his next stepping stone.

I would like to thank his parents both for their time and dedication over the years as Justin is the younger brother of a SIGMA Alum currently studying and playing in the U.S., Jordan Stoddart. It is always great to see a couple of boys from the same family pushing forward and challenging themselves beyond the comfort zone of the GTA.

In His Own Words:
"In the fall I'll be attending Lewis and Clark Community College located in Godfrey, Illinois. My options had to be narrowed down since I had to look into junior college programs, where for two years I have the ability to build up my grades and work my way into a NCAA program."

"Over the years at Sigma I knew I was in good hands because here is where I developed as a player, learned new tactics about the game, and where my passion and drive for the game really brought out the best in me. Coach Bobby was never easy during training sessions or games, he was always about business, and for me I knew business had to been taken care of on and off the field to get where I want to be. Training with a group of competitive and talented players really gave me the benefit to push myself to be a better player each day."

"I'd like to thank the coaching staff at Sigma for working with me diligently and helping me reach this stage as I move on to the next level to further my education. I look forward to a new start at Lewis and Clark with the intention of performing well in the classroom and on the field."