Name: Daniel Correa


A strong technical midfielder who can control match tempo effectively. An ability to switch point of attack with accurate long passing and a fantastic ability of striking the goal from long distance both in the run of play and from set pieces.


  • Member of SIGMA FC 1st team 2014
  • OSL U21 Provincial Champion 2013
  • OSL U21 Provincial Champion 2012
  • SAAC U20 League Champion 2012

Bobby Smyrniotis on Correa:
Daniel has been one of the top ambassadors at SIGMA FC over the period of his youth development. A member and leader of our first squad back in 2006 that travelled to Mallorca Spain and to Holland in 2007 where he also spent time training with the famed Ajax youth academy. As a player he has been versatile playing in both the midfield and Central defense over his development at SIGMA learning from both positions to enhance his game. As a player he has an ability to possess and elude defenders with ease while being a very intense and physical player on the defensive end of the ball.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this young boy develop over the years and look forward to his continued success as he embarks on his new path as a student/athlete at a very good program at Notre Dame College. I would like to thank Daniel for all of his years of commitment to SIGMA FC and for being a top ambassador of the academy throughout his years.

In His Own Words:
"I have decided to attend Notre Dame College starting fall 2014. The factors that contributed to my decision to attend Notre Dame was the potential of the soccer team as well as the academic opportunities. From a soccer aspect Notre Dame is fantastic. Last year their record was 15-4 and made it to the National Tournament losing in the first round of the tournament. The team is full of internationals with a lot of talent. This year they have brought in a strong recruiting class of players. At Notre Dame the class sizes are very small compared to other colleges in the U.S. For me this is a positive because I will get to know my professor's and they will know me because of the smaller class sizes. Another thing that impacted my decision to attend Notre Dame was the style of play. Their style is very similar to Sigma so it will be easy to adapt.

"My first experience with Sigma was when we went to Mallorca for a tournament where we played some of the great youth academies of Europe like Ajax, Den Bosch and Everton. From the start Sigma has taught us how to be disciplined as well as being very technical. Coach Bobby and all the coaches at Sigma have been great mentors and coaches. Without their guidance I wouldn't be where I am today."