Name: Chris Nanco


Chris is a dynamic technically gifted player with an inept ability of running at opponents along both wings of the field. The combination of pace, mastery of the ball and prowess to the goal make him a difficult matchup for any defender. Chris is one of the original members of SIGMA FC starting in 2007. Over the years he has had the opportunity to represent Canada at the U17 World Cup in 2011 and train at some of Europe's most prestigious clubs.


  • Potomac Showcase Champion, 2012
  • Score Showcase Runner up, 2012
  • Member of SIGMA FC 1st team 2012
  • OSL U21 League Champion, 2011
  • FIFA U17 World Cup Mexico, 2011
  • SAAC Senior Showcase Champions, 2010
  • SAAC Junior Showcase Champions, 2009

In Coach Smyrniotis' Words:
"Chris has been one of the most enjoyable players to work with over the years. Despite all his talent and ability on the field he is a humble and well grounded young man who understood from a young age that success on the field only comes from hard work on the field day in day out. He has had the opportunity to see a lot on the international stage with the Youth National teams and his training periods in Europe and this will only help him make an impact as a College players at the up and coming program at Syracuse University. It is always great to have a player enter a top university academically and an elite athletic program which as of 2013 will compete in the ACC Conference. He will join his fellow SIGMA Teammate Alex Halis at Syracuse and we look forward to seeing some special things over the next couple of years at a program led by Coach Ian Mcintire and our good friend Mike Miller.

I would like to thank and congratulate Chris' mother Paulette for her devotion to the game over the years.

In His Own Words:
I will be attending Syracuse University next year in the United States. There are many reasons why I chose this school. First, the staff at Syracuse always showed me a lot of love and respect ever since I schools started looking at me. They have always supported me and helped me both on and off the field.

On the field, they have helped me by coming to some of my games and supporting me by watching and giving constructive criticism. This has helped me grow as a player and has helped me see the game in a different perspective. Off the field, Syracuse has helped me academically by making sure I have and am taking the right courses to be eligible to continue my career at the next level. This has proved to me that not only do Syracuse put the time and effort into their athletes on the field, but they do so in the classroom as well to make sure that their athletes are successful STUDENT-athletes.

Visiting the campus, I realized how much the environment fit with me and my personality. I was immediately attracted to the way things are done down there. Also, the people played a very important role in my decision. Syracuse being one of the closer schools to home is important to me because my family can come visit and I can easily come back home when I get the chance. Also, I already know some players on the team and those that I did not know seemed like nice guys when they welcomed me to the school. It was as if I was part of their family. Knowing guys that go to Syracuse already, also help. Alex Halis, who played for Sigma FC, is someone I have grown up with. While, Skylar Thomas and Jordan Murrell made it easier moving to a new place to live.

Being part of Sigma has meant a lot to me. Sigma took me in at a very young age around the age of 12 and have treated me like family ever since. The whole organization at Sigma is a family, from the coaches and men's team all the way down to the academy and ETC program. It is a place where players can come in, immediately feel welcomed from the moment they enter the changeroom and know that they are going to get the best training possible. Over the years Sigma has done a lot for me personally both on and off the field. They have given me a better understanding of the game and this has helped me develop as a player.

They have also given me opportunities to play at the next level by giving me the opportunity to travel and train with professional clubs in England, Germany, and Belgium. As well, this helped me reach the U-17 Canadian National Team and the U-17 World Cup held in Mexico.

Off the field, Sigma helped me get my courses straightened out so that I could continue my career at university. It has meant a lot to have the opportunity to be at Sigma and represent the program. This summer I will be continuing my career at Syracuse University, but will be leaving Sigma FC with no regrets.

In Coach McIntyre's Words:
"I have been watching Chris for several years now and he has a real pace that scares defenders and keeps them firmly on the back foot," McIntyre said. "He is coming from an excellent Sigma FC program and I am excited to watch his progress here and see him compete in the ACC."