Name: Arlick Ntabana


Arlick is a charismatic midfielder who can play on both sides of the ball with ease. Good vision, precise passing and an ability to strike from distance are a few of the top characteristics in this young man.


  • 2013: Under Armor Potomac Showcase Champion
  • 2012: SAAC Academy League U-21 Champion
  • 2011: SAAC Academy League Champion

Bobby Smyrniotis on Ntabana:
Arlick is the type of player every coach wants to have in his dressing room. On the field his development has been excellent and he has not come close to his ceiling as of yet. He is a leader on the field from his actions and abilities. He can control the tempo and rhythm of the game with his calmness in possession and selection of passing. He provides an energy on the field that is electric and contagious for his teammates. Off the field he has definitely kept us entertained with his song and dance routines. Arlick is going to a very good program in Evansville and a very close friend in Coach Mike Jacobs. I look forward to Arlick continuing the success of Mark Anthony Gonzalez at Evansville and together helping Evansville reach its goals as a soccer program. To the Ntabana family, you have done a great job in supporting Arlick and being great supporters to all of SIGMA. I am sure Evansville will fall in love with the "Vuvuzela" in the stands.

In His Own Words:
"Coach Bobby, our technical director has explained to us from the beginning of the recruiting process that you must have an idea of what components are necessary to find the best fit for your post-secondary studies. I had three components that were essential for me to sign for a university: athletics, academics and social environment.

"Athletically, the team plays much like we, at Sigma, do and Coach Jacobs has national championship aspirations for his talented team. Then, academically, the school is small which allows any student to get more attention from their professors. Lastly, Evansville is a small city where the university is only of 3,000 students and for someone like myself who has been in small French schools since kindergarten, in a small city, it seems reasonable. Also, I will be joining Sigma FC graduate Mark-Anthony Gonzalez going into his junior year. His presence during my first year will help me to adapt to the student-athlete life at the university.

"I first started here in the fall of 2009 after being recruited from the International ID Camp held every summer. In my four years, I have learned how to play intelligently while being bold and aggressive. I have been able to enhance my tactical knowledge and my technical skills while growing as a person and learning how to be professional. At Sigma, we train regularly in a structured fashion with very competent coaches. The Sigma training plan allows us, as players, to showcase our talent and play an entertaining brand of soccer. I am grateful to coaches Dave, Phil and John for their work and dedication to my development by giving me all the needed tools to ameliorate my game and to Bobby and Costa for their guidance throughout the whole process on and off the field. I would also like to extend my gratitude to my parents who have raised me to be the man I am today and who invested in this academy. Another person I must acknowledge is Coach Jacobs because he is the one who selected me and has given me this great opportunity.

"Finally, I believe that Sigma has done good things for me and for my teammates and has set us up to succeed and if anyone wants to play at the next level, wherever that may be, I guarantee that Sigma FC is the place to accomplish that goal. I would like to wish all the best to the next classes of this program and to the visionaries of the academy, Bobby and Costa. I believe your continued dedication will be a vehicle to the success of many other players as it has been for me.

"Thank you to all of the Sigma FC family, it has been great time and I will always remember you!"

In Coach Mike Jacobs words:
"Arlick is a dynamic and creative midfield that we know can impose the game on both sides of the ball, and we expect him to contribute on the field straight away"