Name: Aidan D'Mello


A versatile defender who has tons of ability to play and move forward while remaining a strong defensive force in the backline. Timing, winning duels, pressing are a few of the characteristics which make Aidan a very good defender. He has an appetite to move forward and play a role in attack and can get up and down the line with ease.


  • 2013: Under Armor Potomac Showcase Champion
  • 2012: SAAC Academy League U-21 Champion

Bobby Smyrniotis on D'Mello:
Aidan has been a constant performer since he arrived with us in 2012. As a player his aggressive nature in defending and attacking were evident. What he has done over his time here is to understand tactically how to read a play and make the proper decisions. Technically he has been great moving forward in possession and really understands the process of our possession style game and importance of our outside backs in the play. As a player he is a quiet force on the field who will always provide a level of consistency to his play which will be great for coach Derek Marinatos at UNF. I am very happy for Aidan and his development as a well rounded player since his arrival to SIGMA. At UN he will have an opportunity to succeed both on and off the field and I am sure he will succeed after having so many players move on from our program in the past.

I would like to congratulate Aidan and his mother on his scholarship and look forward to following him play in sunny Florida!

In His Own Words:
"I've decided to attend University of North Florida starting fall 2014. There were many factors in making my decision of where to attend school. I found that UNF was the best fit for me because of their fine academic programs, their location, and the continuing progression of their soccer team. At UNF athletes are given opportunities to succeed both in the class as well as on the field. With academic advisors, a good team environment, and a great coaching staff, UNF is a place where I could see myself progressing as both a soccer player and a student. Obviously, located in Jacksonville, Florida the weather is usually exceptional which makes for great playing surfaces and having the ability for the team to train outdoors all year round. Along with the great weather and academics at UNF, the main reason for choosing to go there was the future potential of the soccer team. Last year the UNF men's soccer team started off their season very strong but unfortunately were bombarded with injuries causing the teams form to take a bit of a dip. Even with the injuries the team was only one win away from the NCAA tournament and with the 2014 class coming in, and the injured players coming back, the potential for the team looks extremely positive.

My first experience with Sigma came when I tried out for their B1 team in late 2012. After having a successful series of tryouts I made the B1 team and my decision to join Sigma was one of the best of my life from a soccer aspect. Here at Sigma is where I really developed tactically as a player and further developed my understanding of the game. Sigma really taught me discipline both on and off the field. At Sigma, I was always pushed to play at my highest level because of the quality of players that I was training with. Sigma provided me with a new outlook on the game and made me the player I am today. Coach Bobby along with the other coaches have always showed belief and trust in my game and this is what had helped me develop as a player. Without Coach Bobby's guidance both on and off the field, I would have not gone anywhere with soccer. I would like to thank everyone at Sigma who has helped in not only the development of myself but of all the other players as well. I think Sigma is a top Academy in North America and will continue to produce great soccer players for many years to come."

In Coach Derek Marinatos' words:
"I am very excited to be adding Aidan D'Mello to our program at North Florida. He is a young man of very high character and is also an excellent student. Aidan possesses very good speed and attacks well from the back. He is also a hard nosed defender and is very competitive. He has played either right back or left back and there is also a possibility he can play as a wide midfielder. He makes the game very simple, playing to his strengths and gets forward into the attack providing excellent service with both feet. I believe that Aidan will definitely be a big surprise to some opponents and has a chance to be an impact player at the Division 1 level with continued development."