Sigma Sports Travel is proud to announce it will widen its breadth in the soccer tour service area in the coming year. The initiative is to provide teams of all levels the opportunity to experience European soccer travel to a variety of destinations that best suits their goals and aspirations. Our directors have worked methodically to expand Sigma’s partners in Europe and thus ensure a great soccer and cultural experiences both on and off-field.

Sigma Sports Solutions Sports Travel Division has established a quality selection of tour options for all types of travel. Our Signature Tours are tied to exposing North America’s top talent to professional clubs in order to enhance the prospect of trials with them (screening process applies). Our Friendly Match Tours and Developmental Tours allow traveling teams the opportunity to play matches versus international sides at the appropriate level and conduct their very own overseas training camp often headed up by international coaches, all while experiencing many of the soccer and cultural activities the country of stay has to offer. Tournament Play allows for clubs to participate in age and level related exclusive tournaments featuring top international youth sides in some of the most coveted locations.

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