Sigma Sports Solutions directors will be traveling to Europe during the month of October to further discussions on development models and programs to assist in exposing the youth soccer talent of the region to the European atmosphere of training and competition.

The focus of the trip will be on means of increasing programs related to development in the region for players and coaches over the fall and winter seasons. The main focus of the visit will deal with determining a time period in which certain teams may be showcased to professional clubs within Holland, Belgium, Germany and Greece. Currently Sigma Sports Solutions Management group is in talks with its European affiliates to close spots at some of the worlds top youth tournaments featuring the likes of AJAX, Real Madrid, Manchester United, AC Milan, Chelsea, Barcelona and many other top youth academies of the European scene.

These tournaments and friendly tours will give players the experience of a lifetime in challenging many of the top clubs in the world and visiting many of the top training centers and stadiums in the European soccer scene.

During this time period arrangements will be made for the selected players of the AFC AJAX Academy Coaches Soccer ID camp to travel to Amsterdam for a brief training session/trial.

Keep posted to the website for information pertaining to the European tours.